Efficient processes and procedures, state-of-the-art quality assurance system, reliance on modern technologies and development standards make it possible to ensure a reliable, controllable and transparent project management process and the best price / performance ratio for our customers.

High-quality project implementation requires full compliance with customer requirements at the time of final product delivery and implementation of the project on time and within budget.

. Quality system
. Requirements management during the project
. Development of prototypes
. Visual modeling (UML)
. Customer Feedback
. Functional and load testing

To reduce project implementation risks it is necessary to have – apart from development experience and ample resources a well defined:

. Project Integration Management
. Project Scope Management
. Project Time Management
. Project Cost Management
. Project Quality Management
. Project Human Resource Management
. Project Communications Management
. Project Risk Management
. Project Procurement Management

In the frame work of a customer oriented culture

High-quality project implementation and risk reduction are ensured due to the efficient project organization that includes development infrastructure and a well-regulated quality system.

. Industrial design and development tools
. Common project repository
. Quality system